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  • Developing leadership skills in Aboriginal youth in Ontario.


Apply for funding from the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation for a brighter future for our Aboriginal youth! 

Make sure you look through the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation application requirements page first before beginning to fill out your application form! Application Requirements

Application Form

Click below to download a copy of the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation funding application form.

Download Application Form

Submit Your Application Form Online

Once you have completed your application, fill out the fields below, attach the file and click submit.



Provide specific name of group, activity, or organization that you will be volunteering for. A minimum of four hours of volunteerism per individual is required. Community service is to be completed upon approval of funds. Any new hockey reps will be responsible for the community service for their team. Failure to complete Community service will affect future applications. NOTE: Community service cannot be the activity that was submitted on yur application.

Previous Approval

Have you been approved for funding by the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation before? If yes, please include application #, amount approved, date of approval, and what you have been approved for.


Must provide clear description of how you will acknowledge the contribution of the Dreamcather Charitable Foundation (E.g. appeciation certificate, newspaper ad, newsletter, or photo, etc...)


Please provide quotes or estimates, do not submit invoices or receipts until after you receive approval letter.


Please list ALL other funding sources, confirmed, for your project/event.


References must be over 19 years of age and must be individuals other than those who have signed the application form. Three references MUST be listed, however, actual reference letters are preferred but not mandatory. References can be personal, community, character, or business-related. Only three letters of support/recommendation will be accepted, others will be disregarded.



Copies of status cards (front and back including your 10-digit Band number) must be submitted for the following:

Individual Applicants


Group/Team Applicants


NOTE: Failure to accurately report your actual living circumstances will result in:
a) your current funding will be revoked and immediate repayment to the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation will be required;
b) you will not be eligible for future funding.

A) Monthly Income Sources

B) Monthly Expenses



This application form must be signed by TWO over the age of majority (19 years of age) for both individual or group applications. Signatories cannot be the same individuals you listed as references.

Signatory 1

Signatory 2

Their Success Is Our Success

Our goal is to help youth achieve their dreams, supporting them in their educational and cultural pursuits, allowing them to become leaders in their communities. The stories of their successes are what drives us to continue helping to make their dreams come true.

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Spreading The Love Of Dance

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Helping One Of Hockey Canada's Teen Players

The Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation helped Kelly Babstock and her family realized one of Kelly's dreams, as she was selected to play hockey for Team Canada.

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Kaiya's Gift Scores Big with Hockey Team

Kaiya's Gift Scores Big with Hockey Team

A few months ago we brought you the touching story of how Kaiya Maracle donated all her birthday money to the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation.

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