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  • Helping to develop youth in Aboriginal communities.
  • Developing leadership skills in Aboriginal youth in Ontario.

Application Requirements

In order to receive funding from the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation, there are several aspects of the process, eligibility, and requirements for the application that you will need to know. Please review this page thoroughly before applying.

Who We Are And What We Do

The Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation is an independent organization, governed by a Board of Directors, that will lead the way to enhance First Nations communities and people through contributions that will be of benefit socially, culturally, healthfully, and economically in a holistic manner.

About Our Organization

The Objectives

Addressing Risk Factors

The youth of First Nations face several risks such as juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, and suicide. Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation works to address those risks and help mitigate them by providing scholarships, bursaries, and grants to attend educational programs. We also help by assisting in funding to provide equipment, facilities, and opportunities to participate in structured recreational, and/or organized sporting activities.

Promoting Proper Health Care

To promote good health care and ensure the proper provision of proper health care services for the benefit of all First Nations members.

Education & Awareness

To educate and raise awareness concerning First Nations language, history, spirituality and culture among First Nations youth by providing grants for attendance at traditional First Nations activities or events, established arts and cultural institutions, language programs and traditional theatrical or dance performances and instruction while also providing educational materials and training for the benefit of youth.


Who We Will Fund

  • Status Members Only;
  • Must Be Non-profit;
  • Individual Band Members;
  • Community Groups & Organizations;
  • Minor Sports Teams;
  • Special Events;
  • Elite Adult Teams.
*Preference will be given to projects involving youth under the age of 25.

Who We Will Not Fund

  • For-profit Organizations;
  • Political/Territorial Organizations;
  • Tribal Councils;
  • Band Councils;
  • Businesses;
  • Adult Recreational Teams;
  • Government Agencies;
  • Third-party Applications Will Not Be Accepted;
  • Reimbursements;
  • Travel;
  • Accommodations:
  • Applicants under 4 years of age.

The Funding We Provide


The main focus of this sector is on educational activities to support and encourage youth to pursue and complete their education with the goal of developing our youth as future leaders of our communities. We view education as the primary responsibility of the federal government and/or Chief and Council and provide limited assistance under unique circumstances. 

Applications accepted mid-July for September start. Mid-October for January start.

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Arts & Culture

The main focus of this sector is on arts (including performing arts), cultural and language activities, and special events that create opportunities for youth to participate in a wide range of activities with the goal of developing our youth into future leaders.

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Sports & Recreation

The main focus of this sector is on community-based activities and special events that create opportunities for youth to participate in a wide range of sports and recreation activities with the goal of developing our youth as future leaders of our communities.

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Health & Medical

The main focus of this sector is on health activities that assist individuals with health needs and services through existing health programs and services.

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Application Requirements

The following requirements pertain to the application itself. Please read the following requirements carefully before beginning your application.

    • Must provide the title name of your project;
    • Must identify the location of the project;
    • Must identify the start and completion date;
    • Must provide a brief description of the project.
    • Check off all that apply to you or your community;
    • Must provide a brief description of how the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation will benefit you or your community (e.g. providing role models, increasing fitness leadership development, self-improvement, self-esteem, increased community participation, community pride, etc...;
    • If these do not apply you can provide a brief description.
    • The intent of community service is to have applicants give back to their communities in the form of volunteerism at activities within their communities. This will encourage young applicants to volunteer at community activities in the present and future;
    • Applicants must provide a description and the name of the group, activity or organization that they will be volunteering for (e.g. assisting with a minor sports organization, a school, a pow-wow or community events, helping seniors, community beautification, etc... ) A minimum of four hours of volunteerism is required;
    • Failure to complete the community service will affect future applications;
    • It cannot be the activity that was submitted on our application.
    • Must submit a budget itemizing all expenses and costs;
    • Must identify all other sources of funding, including personal contributions, grants, and fundraising;
    • Must provide supplier quote(s) on the submission of the application.
    • Must provide recent tax summary for both parent(s) if under 19;
    • If living independently, you must submit your own tax summary or bank statement;
    • If a tax statement is unavailable, a pay stub from your most recent employer will do.
    • Identify all appropriate areas with a checkmark;
    • Fill in monthly income sources;
    • Fill in monthly expenses;
    • Household incomes exceeding $100,000 will not be considered.
    • Must provide the name of three references, including mailing address, telephone number, and email address;
    • References must be individuals other than those signing the application form. Letters from these references are optional;
    • Only the first three letters of support/recommendation will be considered, all others will be discarded.
    • You must provide a description of how you will acknowledge the contribution of the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation and the contributors to the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation. (e.g. appreciation certificate, newspaper ad, plaque, photo, etc...)

    Copies of applicant's status cards (front and back) must be submitted for the following:

    • For indiviual applicants;
    • For group/team applicants: both persons who signed the application must provide copies of their status cards (front and back);
    • You can be both the contact person and the person who signed the application.
    • Must provide a written report indicating the outcomes of the project;
    • Must submit proof of your acknowledgement of the contribution of the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation (e.g. appreciation certificate, newspaper ad, palque, photo);
    • These reports must be submitted to the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation within one month of the project's completion;
    • Failure to meet these reporting requirements will result in application's funding not being released until reporting requirements have all been submitted;
    • For minor sports teams an attendance report may be required.

    The operating year of the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation is April 1 to March 31 of each year.

    • Approved funds will be provided directly to the supplier;
    • Applicants may reapply from year to year in any sector;
    • Applicants may submit one application per sector per year, with the exception of the Sports and Recreation sector where applications are accepted every six months (Summer sports from February 1 - July 31; Winter sports from August 1 - January 31);
    • Applications may be accepted for special events of a regional, national or international nature;
    • Application form must be signed by at least two individuals who are over the age of majority (19 years).

    Applications must be submitted a minimum of one month prior to your event or commencement of your project. Notification of approval or denial will be provided four to six weeks after, or as soon as possible.

    Only one application per sector per fiscal year (April 1 - March 31) in the Health Sector and the Arts & Culture sector, and education sector.

    Below are specific sector deadlines:

    • Spring/Summer Sports - February 1 - July 31
    • Fall/Winter Sports - August 1 - January 31

We Make Dreams Come True

Check out our application requirements and then start the funding application process with the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation today.

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