Successfully funded applicants must complete three steps before closing an active application; community service, acknowledgment of funding, and a one page report of the event.

Community Service
Please click on the link below to fill out and print the community service form in a PDF format.

Verification of Community Service Form

Acknowledgment of Funding
Acknowledgement needs to be completed by each applicant. This is a public “Thank You” back to the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation for the funding you have received. It can be in the form of a plaque, certificate, newspaper thank you, photographs, card or some sort of craft.

To submit team or individual pictures online, please use our online submission form. Please note, submitting images via this form does not constitute as formal recognition of funding from the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation.

The One-Page Report is a summary, in words, of how the event that we have given you funding for went. The report explains in detail any benefits that you personally gained. For example, if someone received funding for a hockey season, let us know how your hockey season went for you and for your team mates. You may have received the MVP of the team award or the team may possibly have won a championship. If you have hosted a workshop, let us know how many people attended and what you got out of it.