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New Website Now Live!

With the help of TDG Marketing, the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation has created an accessible site for donating funds to help individuals across the country and also to keep you posted on all the wishes we have granted (and are planning on granting). As well as our regular newsletter, you will now have immediate access to news, events, and videos on our homepage! 

Dreamcatcher a Team Player for LNHL

Dreamcatcher a Team Player for LNHLSagamok Anishnawbek has the privilege of hosting the 2012 Little Native Hockey League Tournament, also known as the Little NHL. The LNHL, going strong heading into its 41st season, will officially open this year on March 11th in Sudbury, Ontario.

The Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation has been a major sponsor of the LNHL for the past five years. The Foundation will again contribute generously in order to help ensure the LNHL tradition continues to grow. Marvin Assinewai, President of the LNHL, has nothing but praise for the work of the Dreamcatcher Foundation. “On behalf of all First Nation communities from across Ontario, we would like to thank the Dreamcatcher Foundation for their very generous financial support in assisting the many teams that will be participating in this year’s LNHL tournament. Their financial contribution has been tremendous over the past few years in assisting many Aboriginal children from across Ontario so that they can afford to play in the LNHL.

The first ever LNHL tournament hosted only 17 teams but as of last year it has grown to an incredible 110 teams. The tournament has a mixture of male and female participants between the ages of 5 and 18 who will leave the tournament with the experience of a lifetime – and memories that will last forever.

The LNHL Tournament grows bigger in size and scope with every passing year so don’t miss a minute of the action: the opening ceremonies will be held Sunday, March 11th, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the Sudbury Arena and the games begin Monday, March 12th, continuing through to Thursday, March 15th, 2012.

For further information on the LNHL Tournament visit their website at

Role Models Rewarded for Dedication, Devotion

On June 16, 2011 at the Dreamcatcher/Treaty 7 Gala Event in Calgary, four young community members were presented with Dreamcatcher Role Model Awards for their hard work, perserverence and dedication to their chosen careers and also to the people in their lives and in their community. Dreamcatcher eNews asked each of them to describe in their own words how they felt about receiving such an honour: 

Brittanee Laverdue

Brittanee LaverdueThe award is such an honor to receive. It means a lot to me – in fact it means more than all my competition medals. Receiving an award from an organization that supports Aboriginal people in their endeavors really was a blessing for which I am honored. The entire team at the Foundation are full of such positive energy. The award was a nice reminder to keep me doing what I love. I thank my family and friends for their continued support and the Foundation for making that journey more enjoyable. The Dreamcatcher Gala was full of Aboriginal role models young and old, so I appreciate that I was selected to receive the award. Dan Brant is an amazing individual and I'd like to give a special thanks to him also. The Foundation’s support allows a person to dream, and reach their goals which really creates an atmosphere for success.

Kelly Babstock

Kelly BabstockThe Role Model Award is very special and I am honoured to accept it. It means that I am an example of going beyond limits and capturing your dreams. I will continue to work to become better in being that role model. My dad volunteered in both hockey and lacrosse and Mom was the vice president of house league lacrosse for over ten years for two clubs, plus she managed my father’s teams ... so they were my own role models. So is my older sister Cindy, a single mom who has gone through college, getting a law degree and now working for a law firm and also at a second job. And my brother Jeff, whose games I used to watch, inspired me to want to be a hockey player. But the role model that has challenged me while telling me like it is—even when I did not want to hear it—was my mom Donna. As a woman she is a great role model and her hard work and dedication to her family inspires me and I would not be where I am today without her love and hard work.

Dr. Lana Potts

Dr. Lana PottsReceiving the Dreamcatcher Role Model Award is a significant accomplishment for me but more importantly, for my community. The award was a symbol of the success of a First Nation’s community and how their prayers and inspiration can create a Doctor. I always said my accomplishments came with many sacrifices; I had to leave my community to pursue my dream and begin to create my own path. The night I received the award in my traditional Blackfoot territory I felt I was home and the journey was all worthwhile. Growing up I was always inspired by my mother and by my grandmother. They are strong women – leaders and caretakers who modelled resilience, courage and hope. I was always told, if you do one thing, go to school, because education will always open doors and education is the key to reaching your dreams.

2011 Calgary Gala Promo

Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel! See clips and comments from the 2011 Dreamcatcher Gala held in Calgary, featuring those in attendance including Jerry Montour, Adam Beach, Michelle Thrush, and Common.