At the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation, we believe healthy youth make  creative, innovative and smart future community leaders. We want to provide  support for youth to regularly engage in their communities at their optimal health.

The main focus of this sector is on health activities that assist individuals with  health needs and services that supplement existing health programs and  services.

  • Individuals
  • Established Health Facilities
  • Special Events (i.e. Heart and Stroke Walk, Diabetes Initiatives, Health Fairs)
  • Special Equipment

  • Individual Attendance at Conferences, Workshops & Seminars
  • Benefits Covered by NIHB and Other Health Plans
  • Non-Essential Cosmetic Procedures
  • Attendance at Health Conferences, Workshops & Seminars
  • Third Party Applications Will Not Be Accepted

  • Equipment (i.e. Wheelchair)
  • Supplies (i.e. Hearing Aids)
  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Home Renovations for Handicap Access or Special Needs

  • Debts
  • Operating Costs Including Salaries
  • Research projects (i.e. Surveys)
  • Honorariums/Per Diem
  • Reimbursements

This list is not all encompassing and the final decision rests with the Board of Directors.

Visit our How to Apply page for more information.