Providing support to get our youth and communities involved in education is an important tool for improving the success of Aboriginals in our community, in the workplace, and as adults. The Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation is passionate about encouraging youth to pursue and complete their educational goals.

The main focus of this sector is on educational activities that support and encourage youth to pursue and complete their education with the goal of developing future leaders for our communities. Though educational support for Aboriginals is mainly provided by the Canadian Federal Government and/or Chief  & Council, the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation can provide limited assistance under unique circumstances.

  • Individual Students (Elementary, Secondary and Post-Secondary levels) from Low Income Families or Special Needs Students
  • Individual Students for Very Unique Courses and/or Under Very Unique Circumstances
  • Student Exchanges
  • Attendance at Established Educational Institutions (Canada and International)
  • Organized School Events and Trips
  • Computers/Laptops for General Education Purposes
  • Living Allowances and Tuition in Excess of Your First Nation Education Department Allocation
  • Post secondary at USA Institutions Under Regular Circumstances
  • Individual Attendance at Educational Conferences, Workshops, Seminars & Training Institutions
  • Employment Training
  • Band Councils, PTO's, Tribal Councils
  • For Profit Businesses
  • Government Agencies
  • Third Party Applications Will Not Be Accepted
  • Computers for Special Needs Students
  • Post Secondary (ie: Tuition) in USA if Athletic/Academic Scholarship Achieved
  • Tutoring for Documented Special Needs Students
  • Facility Rental (i.e. Lab)
  • Debts
  • Operating Costs Including Salaries
  • Honorariums/Per Diem
  • Student Loans
  • Research Projects (i.e. Curriculum Development)
  • Reimbursements

This list is not all encompassing and the final decision rests with the Board of Directors.

Visit our How to Apply page for more information.